Application Services

Application Services

As enterprise apps boost any organization's productivity and efficiency, businesses require application services like application development, modernization, integration, management and support. Organizations require responsible partners to manage applications and increase their business scope. Vericloud Services understand its importance and come to execute various application services of companies. Integrate digital customer experience, run operations, engage partner ecosystems with our application services with our expertise.

Remote application management and support

Our certified experts perform remote diagnostics, point out issues like application performance, transaction integrity, server issues, data consistency and give suggestions for improvements. We also offer remote support for their problems and incidents. Our team will perform necessary enhancements for your apps, configurations giving the best performance.


High time to integrate

 Besides, our team will modernize legacy applications by performing revival activities like re-hosting, re-architecting, re-platforming, re-engineering, and re-coding your apps on Delphi, PowerBuilder, VB, C++ or the latest tools.


Organizations can transform their multiple applications into one working system through robust application integration approaches like SOA, ESB etc. We will address your integration risks like response time, data quality by providing an end to end testing coverage at the system and component level. Organizations looking for a scalable infrastructure platform, a safe migration of SAP systems to the cloud can reach us for consulting.