IOT & Blockchain

For immutable and secure transactions, you need IoT and Blockchain

A sweet spot for digital transformation and innovation; this is how Gartner visualize the technology scenario through 2022. In 2020 itself 75% of the organisations have already adopted Blockchain in the U.S.


Enterprises require IoT projects to build security, transparency, and customer trust. A combination of IoT and Blockchain can improve overall efficiencies according to Gartner. As Blockchain technology adoption is maturing, Vericloud Inc. facilitates Blockchain adoption for industries across sectors. IoT and Blockchain help you bridge the physical world with the digital world.


As phishing and frauds show no signs of abating, businesses need central control and management of shared transactions. The future transaction lies in sending data to private Blockchain networks to ensure tamper-resistant records in shared transactions. Blockchain and IoT give immense benefits to businesses like added security to manage, analyze, customize, and share data. They can promote trust with a secure data chain where every transaction is recorded.


We build a Blockchain platform for your multi-cloud model and create new business value across your ecosystem with sensors and IoT devices.

For use cases like freight transportation, component tracking, global supply chain collaboration, you need IoT enabled Blockchain solutions. Partner with us and add value with Blockchain.