Become agile organizations

Vericloud Services serve diverse industries to become lean, increase operational efficiencies through automation, and offer specialized skills for business processes. Industries across verticals can work with us to manage disruptions, technological changes, and digital transformation. Our certified engineers will execute specific projects.

Healthcare: Healthcare providers look for differentiated experience for their operating models, customer engagement, outcome-based reimbursement, affective care management etc. Our IT solutions enhance the hospital's multi-channel service model capability and meet today's transformation challenges like digitization. Improve healthcare and delivery with our IT support.

Insurance: Insurance players require customer-centric software solutions like predictive claims, data analytics, underwriter workbench solutions, digital insurance, cloud-native solutions etc. They need a partner who can take them through the transformation of operations aided by RPA, analytics, and business process management. They also need to identify fraud, ensure compliance. Partner with us to plug leakages, smoothen digital interactions.

Finance: Financial and banking sectors face more disruptions due to digital transformation. They need innovative digital engineering capabilities like AI, robotics, UX, API banking, Blockchain solutions to deliver on rapid technological progressions. Consult with us to keep pace with changing regulations, cloud-based financial services and drive value.

Oil and gas: Global oil and CIOs need cost savings through operational efficiencies and automation. They look for advanced connectivity to optimize drilling and production throughput. The sector also faces supply shock and sustainability issues. The solution lies in overhauling operating models, repositioning portfolios, automation with the help of data, more bandwidth and increased computing capacity. Partner with us.

Information services: Information service enterprises are undergoing digital transformation. To accelerate business they need intelligent and data-driven technologies like cognitive cloud solutions, Big Data monetization, nextgen analytics etc. Partner with us to meet challenges in areas like content, devices, people and workflows.

Manufacturing: For the manufacturing sector it is embracing the fourth industrial revolution with innovative technologies like consistent omnichannel experience, aftermarket services, field service management, enhanced supply chain efficiency for connected factories. Partner with us for solutions to enhance supply chain visibility across your manufacturing value chain.

Education: Education is highly impacted by digitization with learners using a digital medium like social, mobile, and Cloud in their learning ecosystem. They need service offerings like digital services, product engineering and development, and back-office services. Partner with us to enhance user experience and application support. Opt for enterprise system upgrade with our support.